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Lucky 7 Mortar Dyes

Enhance the Beauty of your Stone

Harristone Lucky 7 Mortar Dyes* enhance the appearance of masonry, bringing out the earth tones and contrasting colors, and providing the timeless look you would expect from brick and stone construction. Lucky 7 Mortar Dyes are available in 21-amazing colors that will work perfectly in a variety of applications, offering a virtual pallet of selections. With such a broad range of colors to choose from, every project will have endless possibilities. Add a whole new dimension to your stone.

*All color shades are approximate.



½ Color Pack per 80 lbs. of Mortar


1 Color Pack per 80 lbs. of Mortar


2 Color Pack per 80 lbs. of Mortar

Cedar Chest

Utah Red

Prairie Dust

Muddy River


Death Valley

Autumn Ridge

  • Regular Kodiak - Stillwater Guillotine

  • Dark Muddy River - Summit Granite

  • Dark Kodiak - Canmore Uintah Ledgestone

  • Light Prairie Dust - Arcadian & La Bella Ridgestone

  • Dark Kodiak - Vertain Cobble

  • Regular Muddy River - Summit Chief Joseph

  • Dark Muddy River - Cape Cod Chief Joseph

  • Light Kodiak - Shore Cliff Chief Joseph

Harristone<sup>®</sup> Sealer

Harristone® Sealer

Seal in the beauty of your stone
with Harristone's sealer.

Let professional-grade Harristone Masonry Sealer protect and preserve the look and quality of your Harristone designs for many years to come.