4 Ways to Use Stone in Your Hospitality Business

Whether you own a restaurant, coffee shop, or lodging establishment, you can use stone to enhance the look of your interior walls and achieve a more inviting appearance. Here are four ways to use precast, all-masonry Harristone accents in your hospitality business.

1. Highlight an Old World Theme

Does your business invite people to experience a taste of old European, African, or Middle Eastern culture? Use precast masonry stone in classic colors and shapes that mimic stones from the Old World. As you plan your stonework, research exterior and interior stone shapes and the way they’re arranged. Work with your precast stone supplier to find the colors and styles of stone that mimic your theme.

For a Middle Eastern or North African wall, mount precast set stone cut in the shape of an Ogee, tented, or Moorish window. Line several window shapes along a boring wall to add interest. An Old European-themed business is more authentic with a rustic brick and stone fireplace in a sitting or dining room. The large square mortared stone look suits French Country and Italian themes.

As you plan your stonework, research interior stone shapes and the way they’re arranged. Work with your precast stone supplier to find the colors and styles that mimic your cultural theme.

2. Give an Outdated Interior an Update

Restaurants and coffee shops located in strip shopping centers don’t have a lot of glamor to work with when it comes to décor. Walls in older commercial spaces leave a lot to be desired, especially when they’re covered in old blemishes, stains, and obvious evidence of long-gone fixtures.

Use precast stone to add sophistication and permanence to a lackluster storefront hospitality interior. Cover an ugly wall with a bright stacked stone look that makes your space look like a fresh garden patio. Use a castle-style stone-and-mortar look in gray or charcoal to give a fantasy vibe to walls.

Choose a dry stacked-stone product with all small flat stones in the same color for a more formal look. A single color stone works well when the rest of the space has artwork and colorful furnishings. Stacked-stone looks are also available in multicolored and random sized stones for a more organic appearance.

For even more formality on walls, go for a white or cream precast stone in a marble or granite look. The lighter hues work well as a backdrop in a lounge, bar, or ice cream shop.

3. Create Natural Appeal in Recreation Zones

Do your guests like to hike, mountain bike, or ski? Is your business located in a recreational zone? Use interior stone walls to offer your customers the natural experience they seek.

Precast stone walls can be made to look just like a smooth, rounded river rock along a hallway or next to patron seating areas. Mortared river rock in a multicolored pattern looks great with a forest, river, or mountain theme.

Install river-rock style precast stone along the front of a display case and behind the display to add depth and texture to your:

Precast stone with a fieldstone finish is another outdoorsy wall enhancement. Fieldstone can be mortared or un-mortared and features random shaped stones of various sizes and colors. Unlike river rock, fieldstones have jagged, well-defined edges that give your wall an adventurous look.

Use fieldstone wall-covering behind the sinks in your restrooms to create a natural ambiance. Alcoves and hallways look more substantial and epic with a fieldstone finish.

Fieldstone and river rock look great surrounding a fireplace or as a backdrop to a vintage wooden bar. And if you own a lodge or hotel, you can install river rock or fieldstone precast stone wall coverings on the walls behind bed headboards for a stunning look.

4. Add Interest to Contemporary or Urban Spaces

Stone and wood are two of the mainstays of modern restaurant décor updates. Minimalism isn’t morphing back to traditional dining rooms any time soon. Neon and pops of color are in, but plain and utilitarian are out.

If your urban or industrial theme is played out, you don’t need to tear out every fixture and start over. Build on what you have. Add the look of stacked stone in interesting patterns and colors to draw the eye to a display or seating area.

Use precast stone in warm colors to tone down a vaulted industrial space. Gold, brown, and yellow stones are soothing and encourage patrons to relax and enjoy themselves. Keep contemporary light fixtures, artwork, and furnishings in place while giving the space a more inviting, intimate feel with precast stone wall finishes.

Contact the stone experts at Harristone to browse the innovative interior stones available for your commercial needs. We work with you to create one-of-a-kind dining, cocktail, banquet, and lodging spaces using durable, natural-looking designer stones in your choice of shapes and patterns.