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Gorgeous Ideas for a Stone or Brick Accent Wall

Exposed brick walls can have romantic connotations of living in a big-city apartment with exposed brick on one side. However, both brick and stone carry their own natural beauty. Indeed, the materials are popular for a large range of outdoor applications from fire pits to retaining walls. You can bring that beauty inside, too.

Generally speaking, unless the material was used in initial construction, contractors don’t go back and retroactively stack a stone or brick wall. Instead, they apply masonry to the surface of the existing wall and press thin slices of the stone or brick into the masonry. Reap the beauty of stone and brick with a new accent wall veneer. (more…)

Beautiful Ideas for Stone Fire Pits to Match Any Style

Stone is a premium material. Builders prize stone for its strength, and homeowners prize it for its beauty. A natural space for using stone is a fire pit because of stone’s fire-resistant qualities. You might naturally think of rustic stone fire pits, but stone veneer pits can match many hardscaping styles.

While some building projects utilize full stone, many contractors start with a base of poured concrete. They then apply mortar to the exterior and press thin-cut stones, either natural or engineered, into the mortar. The result is a stone veneer that resembles a more costly stacked stone structure.

Learn how contractors can use stone veneer to match any hardscaping style. (more…)

Why Stone Veneer Works Great for Outdoor Seating Areas

Outdoor seating areas often utilize walls to create a comfortable and private spot for you and your family to enjoy. And anyone interested in this type of seating area should consider stone veneer walls. This excellent material provides many benefits that make it a strong choice for a large number of homes. (more…)

Getting Stone Veneer? The 4 Features You’ll Choose

Stone veneer adds a new dimension to any home. But, as with any modern design feature, you have a variety of choices to make when installing stone. What are some of these choices, and what do they add to the house’s style? Here are the four biggest choices you’ll have to make. (more…)

Maintaining and Repairing Your Stone Masonry

When you are the owner of a house with faux stone masonry exteriors, you may find yourself wondering if you can or should do anything to keep those exteriors in the best shape possible. While faux stone is easier to maintain than natural stone, it is not infallible and does require a little maintenance and repairs at times to remain in good shape.

Get to know some of the steps that you should take to maintain and repair your stone masonry. Then, you can be sure that you are doing everything to keep your stone surfaces looking great and functioning as well as possible. (more…)

4 Home Exterior Themes That Use Stone

When your home feels like it lacks the all-important quality of curb appeal, you might be tempted to overhaul the landscaping. However, you can achieve a more dramatic update by changing the home itself, instead of just its surroundings. (more…)

5 Places to Use Manufactured Stone Veneer

Stone continues to be a popular material for both interior and exterior spaces. But you don’t need to use natural stone to reap the benefits to your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Manufactured stone will do just as well in many cases. In fact, according to Realtor.com, manufactured stone veneer boasts an impressive return on your investment of 97 percent. (more…)

Old Home, New Look: Bringing Back The Beauty Of Your Fireplace

Just like people, homes come in generations. Truly old houses with birth dates over 100 years ago often have beautiful woodwork and old-fashioned charm, not to mention lovely windows and architectural design. If you move forward a few decades, you get vintage mid-century beauties. A few years later, you have almost-modern home designs with somewhat outdated color and design choices.


Decorating for Fall: Turn Your Stone Fireplace Into a Masterpiece

Fall is coming quickly now, and soon we will all bob for apples, decorate pumpkins, and prepare for the winter holidays. At this time of year, many people like to decorate their mantel with symbols of the season. Decorating a mantel can be delicate work. Adding decorations is only a portion of what you need to do during the process.