Denver, CO

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Denver, CO

Harristone - The Leading Manufactured Stone in Colorado

Harristone carries a variety of faux stone, stone veneers, and manufactured stone products to give your home the beautiful look of natural stone. Why mess with the weight, cost, and labor of quarried stone? With Harristone you can afford manufactured stones that offer the same qualities of natural rock.

Harristone’s manufactured stones products are used for construction throughout the Colorado area. Our faux stone veneers are strong, durable, easily installed, and have the authentic look and feel of natural stone. Harristone allows almost any home owner to change the look of their home without breaking the bank.

Worried about whether Harristone can stand up to the Colorado climate? Let us put your mind to rest. Our products are temperature tested to withstand the deepest cold of Rocky Mountain Winters and the blistering heat of the Coloradoan sun. Whether you’re redecorating your living room or your home’s exterior, Harristone stone veneer is great for all Colorado stone projects.

So if you’re a Denver resident looking to add stone to your home, you’ve found your solution. Our faux stone is suitable for both exterior or interior projects. It is ideal for your residential, commercial, or new home stonework.

Harristone is your resource for all your stone construction whether it is veneer, pre-cast rock, or stone. We have been in the business for over 49 years helping customers making their houses beautiful.

Before you start your home remodeling, contact Harristone or use our dealer locator to find a distributor in the Colorado area. They will assist you in giving your house the look of natural stone.