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Thin Brick

Simply Beautiful

Brick is an amazing and durable material, but it’s not quite as common as it used to be. This reduction in popularity has been caused in large part because standard bricks are bulky, difficult to work with, and expensive. If you want to have the amazing look of bricks without emptying your wallet, however, we have the perfect solution: Harristone Thin Brick.

Our brick veneer, or Thin Brick, looks as authentic as traditional brick but costs a fraction of the price to purchase and install. This quality faux stone can be applied to any internal or external wall of your building to make your property appear strong and stylish. Even a close inspection of our stone will reveal nothing but the typical look and feel of brick.

The Smart Thin Brick Choice

We offer the following range of Thin Brick coloring options to choose from:

  • Charleston
  • Colorado Used
  • Dove Grey
  • Old Mill Tumbled
  • Old Virginia Commons

As seen in the images above, each type of brick has a distinct style that can fit your building. You can also mix and match the styles to create a truly unique design. We offer both straight and corner pieces for your convenience.

Why wait a decade to pay for a new brick wall or chimney when you could cover your current building with durable Harristone Thin Brick instead? Our brick veneer products are always made from excellent materials and are available for purchase at a store near you. Simply use our convenient dealer locator to find affordable Harristone Thin Brick sellers in your area.

Contact us today for more information about our appealing Thin Brick products. Our number is 888.878.6631, and we also have an easy-to-use contact form you can fill out. Our skilled and friendly staff is always happy to answer any questions you may have.